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Savanah Jewellery

Savanah Jewellery is a collection of handmade limited edition quality items for you to enjoy...
Items of Jewellery have been worn throughout history as symbols of elegance, beauty and power. Savanah Jewellery collection is inspired from the ancient Arabian and indo Persian cultures with their distinctive traditions and customs where the magic beauty of the woman was enhanced by the elegant Jewellery designs and materials in these ancient civilizations. All items in Savanah Jewellery collection have been researched through numerous antique pieces handed down through generations and adapted for a modern woman who can add charm and sparkle to her look for any occasion, formal and casual. We hope that these timeless items give a unique edge to anything you wear…

Savanah Jewellery

"Jewellery is a very personal thing...
it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it."

Garance Doré

Behind the brand

Savanah Al Badri is a London Based jewellery maker whose creations combines sophisticated glamour with delicate femininity through her designs and choice of materials. Savanah started embroideries, jewellery and accessory design during her last year at the University of Baghdad while studying for degree course in business administration & banking. She later became a Fashion & Beauty Editor for various high profile magazines in the Middle East such as Al Jamila, L’Official and Zahrat Al kahleej. During this time she continued with her Jewellery design work and her job took her to many different locations and the opportunity to get introduced to numerous famous designers from different disciplines. This gave her a unique experience and perspective in design. Her statement pieces are collection inspired by the ancient Arabian and indo Persian cultures. All her items of Jewellery have been researched through numerous antique pieces adapted by her artwork for modern woman. Each piece is handmade using colourful semi-precious gemstones and natural pearls as the core of her designs. She believes that “only the best piece of jewellery can show your personality and taste and present you as a unique individual to the others”.

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